Spring is finally here in Minnesota! The birds are starting to return, our days are getting longer, and the trees will be sprouting leaves in no time. It's definitely nice that we're - wait, hang on...


...Okay, now I'm getting word that Minnesota might have decided to be Minnesota again.

First off, the good news: As of this writing, Monday is looking to be the warmest day of the week with a high of 69 degrees. Nice.

The bad news? We could be getting some snow. Again. In mid-April.

Weather experts are apparently forecasting snowfall throughout the Midwest next week, with Iowa expected to take the brunt of a 'significant' snow storm. But one model is predicting 'potentially heavy snow' Wednesday night into Thursday.

Obviously, things tend to change. This could just be a false alarm. I could be eating my words in a matter of days. But you might want to keep that winter jacket on hand juuuust in case.

Happy April, everybody!

Source: MPR

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