A popular commercial I hear on the weekends uses the line, there isn't anything that a little horsepower can't fix. Usually, it's cleaning the garage using a wood chipper for the kids' toys, or using a leaf blower to clean up the family room. One would think that if this product was advertised by that store you'd end up with something like this...a 3 pound cookie. Well, actually two cookies weighing just about 1.5 pounds each. 

Appropriately named the “Colossal Cookie,” Costco’s latest dessert offering is described on the box as a “large, soft and chewy cookie featuring decadent chocolate chunks,” and is made with real butter, eggs, and chocolate. Since it’s so big, however, the cookie, which can be found in Costco’s freezer section and retails for $7.99, takes about 10 minutes to heat up before it can be served. Instagram user Costco Buys broke the internet when they posted about the cookie a week ago.

I called the Burnsville Costco location and they confirmed that they carried the massive dessert at as of 12:30 pm Friday they have over 150 of the two packs of cookies left. You'll be the savior of the household if you bring this monster home, but it's up to you if you want to share it.

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