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What do you call these things? I think I typically call them freezies but it turns out around Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin there are many different names for these popular cold treats. I surveyed people on our Facebook page and Instagram to see how many different names people have for this treat and I saw 11 different names!

What Do Other Countries Call Freezies?

In the US we seem to not be able to come to a consensus about what these things should be called. According to a Canada Reddit thread, though, someone claims that Canadians call these Freezies and Americans call them Otter Pops. I have to be honest, I had never heard them called Otter Pops until Aleisha said it on our Facebook page. Turns out Otter Pops is a brand of Freezies so that makes sense.

So Canada calls them Freezies, what about other countries? According to a Wikipedia article about Freezies, in the UK they call them ice pops or ice poles, Australians call them zooper doopers (of course, because Australians have a fun name for everything), and in the Philippines and Japan, they call them ice candy.The Wikipedia article also says people in the US call them all sorts of different names like freeze pop, pop ice, freezer pop, and otter pop.

What do you call these cold treats? They're super popular in the summertime in our neck of the woods among kids and adults. Let's see if you agree with any of the answers that were given on our Facebook and Instagram.

This Cold Treat Has 11 Different Names in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin

This cold treat that's popular among kids (and adults) in the summertime is called many different things. I surveyed people on our Facebook page and Instagram to see what everyone's names were for this cold treat and there were 11 different names!

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