It still feels weird for me that we’re already in December. Is it just me or did November just fly by? Regardless, we’ve officially entered the holiday season, which means one thing:

Delicious holiday food!

Okay, one more thing:

Stressing out about gift shopping for that one impossible-to-please relative!

Wait, wait, wait. That’s not it. (Just get them a gift card) ONE MORE THING:

Christmas decorations!

Mark Lewin

There we go. It’s always fun to see Rochester homes with enough decorations to make Clark Griswald both proud and jealous. That’s why you and your family may be interested in checking out the annual Christmas On The Hill – An Umbrian Celebration at Assisi Heights.

The home of the Sisters of Saint Francis will be decorated to the nines, including a nativity scene and more. If you want to get your Christmas on, here is a list of tour dates and times:

12/11: 2PM
12/12: 2PM
12/14: 2PM
12/19: 2PM and 6:30PM
12/21: 2PM
12/26: 2PM and 6:30PM
12/27: 2PM
12/28: 2PM

Cost is $50 a person, and preregistration is required one day in advance. If you want to book a tour, call 507-282-7441 and ask for Sister Alice.

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