In the wake of the most recent shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, people probably aren’t very happy about these things... and that part is understandable. In fact many people shared their dislike for the lights on social media, but there were also those that didn’t have an issue with the lights at all.

According to Yahoo!, a woman posted a picture on Facebook of the latest shotgun shell inspired Christmas lights that are being sold at Walmart. The lights made of used shotgun shells, but they're certainly not the only items that are sold using the casings in stores. You can purchase similar crafts on Pinterest and ETSY as well. Just do a quick google search and they're there.

First off let me just say that I don't hunt. I have zero interest. You'll never catch me out looking for Bambi's mom or dad when it's cold enough to freeze certain body parts off for "the love the sport", but hey that's just me. If that's your thing, or whatever, more power to ya... but having said that, people need to chill out about everything being so offensive.

I think these lights are great for hunters and anyone else who chooses to purchase them. If you're offended, then fine keep it to yourself, but no one is forcing you to buy them either so let's all just calm down.

Not all things dealing with guns and hunting are aimed to offend people. What about the movie A Christmas Story? How long before they pull that off the shelf and off TV because someone finds it offensive that Ralphie almost shoots his eye out? If you don't like it, then walk passed it.

All these lights represent are just another creative way to use discharged shells. End of story. No need to get your Christmas stockings in a twist.

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