The music world is still mourning the death of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, but we are able to celebrate one of the most distinct and powerful voices in rock as Bennington won the 2017 Loudwire Music Award for Vocalist of the Year as presented by Fearless Records.

While Bennington's scream could make anyone stand up and take notice, the vocalist had a knack for delivering equally impactful melodic moments that could floor even the most hardened listeners with their emotional vulnerability. That could definitely be heard on Linkin Park's duet with Kiiara on their hit single "Heavy." Bennington got a chance to show more of the melodic side on Linkin Park's most recent album One More Light and with his death we mourn the loss of one of rock's most passionate voices.

If there is one thing that Loudwire voters were sure about, it was Bennington's victory for Vocalist of the Year as he earned the highest voting total in any category this year. Three-time LMA Vocalist of the Year winner Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge finished second in the voting, while Stone Sour's Corey Taylor, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, In This Moment's Maria Brink and Royal Thunder's Mlny Parsonz rounded out a category of stellar vocalists.

At the ceremony itself, Halestorm's Lzzy Hale, who had so eloquently penned a tribute to Bennington upon his passing, spoke to the crowd. "This is for Chester fucking Bennington, a voice of a generation that we lost this year. I'd like to take a moment in front of you to remind everyone tonight that you are not alone. Life is fucking hard, it is. And all of us, we have terrible beasts and demons and vices that we battle daily, all of us do. And as humans, we have a responsibility to everybody," started Hale.

"We have a responsibility to everyone to lift each other up because we are all in this ride together, all of us. So I'd like to empower you to stand up and stop the bullying. Stop hating people for stupid fucking reasons. It's 2017. We end this shit now. And instead of spewing ignorant and hateful comments, how about we leave message about love and encouragement and hope and empowerment and fucking rock and roll, how about that? I've seen it first hand in my career and I think you all can agree with it. I've seen first hand the power of words, and how one kind comment can change the course of someone's life. It can change what they do, who they want to love and give them something to live for," she continued.

Hale concluded, "So remember, before you start ranting something on Facebook, remember that you are powerful enough to really help someone or truly hurt someone. So choose to spread positivity instead of negativity, alright? And Chester, we loved you. You will be missed and I am so sorry that you felt like you had to leave this way. But all of the people here tonight and all of the men and women you healed through your music, you reminded us that we were not alone. Through all of us, you will carry on and your music and your message and your voice will live on forever."

We're thrilled to announced Linkin Park's Chester Bennington in the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards Vocalist of the Year!

Linkin Park featuring Kiiara, "Heavy"

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