You guys, I'm thinking Chester Bennington might need to stop giving interviews, because he's kind of making himself look like a real d-bag lately.

Many fans haven't been too kind to Linkin Park's current musical direction with their latest album One More Light, mainly because of its pop sound - a stark comparison to their debut album Hybrid Theory, which was awesome.

When we last heard from Chester, he was telling those same fans to 'move the f*** on from Hybrid Theory.' And even though I'm not a fan of their new stuff, I get that. Artists change and evolve over time, and Hybrid Theory came out almost 17 years ago. Still, that didn't stop fans from complaining about the band they used to love, with some even using the dreaded term "selling out" to dis the band's current direction.

That really set off Chester, because in a new interview, the Linkin Park frontman went on a pretty big rant:

"If you're gonna be the person who says like 'they made a marketing decision to make this kind of record to make money' you can f***ing meet me outside and I will punch you in your f***ing mouth because that is the wrong f***ing answer."

...I'm actually thinking that was the wrong answer, but he goes on:

"Because guess what, calling us a sell out for that purpose is...selling out on your f***ing excuse as to why you don't like it. You're a f***ing p***y. For any band to take musical risks because you like what you're doing in spite of what you know some people will say they don't like, it doesn't matter if they like it or not - what matters is that you took the chance to do something that you felt was important to you and that's what being an artist is all about."

But wait, there's more!

"If you're going to hate on us for it, then f*** you, I don't care."

Eat a Snickers, dude.

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