It’s been a day since the music world lost Chester Bennington due to an apparent suicide. It’s still no less shocking and tragic, and we’re still waiting for more details to come in. Everything about this is surreal, because so many of us grew up listening to Linkin Park. It sucks.

I can’t imagine how much Cornell’s death must have been weighing on Bennington’s mind over these past two months. This morning, I came across footage of Bennington singing “Hallelujah” at Chris Cornell’s funeral, which I hadn’t seen until now. For so many reasons, it’s heartbreaking. You can hear the vulnerability in Chester’s uniquely beautiful voice as he sings for his friend one final time. It’s hard to comprehend just how tragic the past two months have been for the music world, but this song offers a glimpse into just how deep this loss really goes.

Credit: YouTube

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