Where were you when you first heard Ozzy Osbourne talk for the first time?

Growing up, most of my exposure to the Prince of Darkness was with his music or jokes about him biting a bat’s head off. It wasn’t until the popular MTV reality series The Osbournes debuted in 2002 when Ozzy’s trademark thick accent/unique speech pattern really took off. Suddenly, everyone I knew was mimicking his voice – not in a mean way, but more about of bemusement than anything else. You’d almost have to go out of your way to not hear someone jokingly yell out “Sharon! Sharon!” (“Sharon” and “bloody” are probably the two words of his that were the easiest to recognize)

Today, I’m excited to start doing a new contest that can send you and a buddy to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for ROCK USA from July 13th through the 15th. Check out the full lineup here, but needless to say, it looks awesome.

Since Ozzy is one of the show’s headliners, we’re going to play a little game called “What’s Ozzy Saying?” Basically, I’m going to play a clip of the Godfather of Metal talking, and you have to tell me what the hell he’s talking about. If you want to brush up on your Ozzy Speak in the meantime, check out this video featuring some amazing Ozzy moments. He’s definitely a character.

(This video features some NSFW language – as far as I can make out.)

Don’t forget to play “What’s Ozzy Saying?” every day at 5PM this week on Z-ROCK 107-7!

Credit: YouTube


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