With Z-ROCK 107-7 turning your Friday into a Green Day today (and next week – spoiler alert!), it feels appropriate that Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong released a new song from his side project, the supergroup The Armstrongs.

The Armstrongs are comprised of Billie Joe, Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, and SWMRS’ Joey and Rey Armstrong. I’m seeing a theme there…wait. GOT IT. WHOA. That’s cool and hilarious.

Anyway, their new song is called “If There Was A Time,” and my initial reaction is that it starts out a little obnoxious, but gradually gets stuck in your head around the 1:00 mark. I do dig the retro punk vibe to it. I’m mostly just a fan of the fact that a bunch of dudes formed a supergroup solely based on their last names. Respect.

Credit: YouTube



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