The most adorable video on the internet today goes to our very own Olmsted County Sheriff's Department in Minnesota.  A very unusual rescue was performed and was all caught on video.  It's a good thing too because I'm still having a hard time believing that anyone would touch this animal!

Andy Brownell/TSM
Andy Brownell/TSM

Olmsted County Sheriff's Deputy in Minnesota Makes Unusual...and Super Adorable...Rescue

A video of an animal rescue made by an Olmsted County Sheriff's Deputy is going viral right now.  Deputy Jacobson found an unusual baby animal that appeared to need some help.  Many people would go help a baby animal at the drop of a hat but this animal is one that most would run away from.  Yep, a skunk.

Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash
Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash

They say every day will be different for a deputy… Deputy Nate Jacobson stumbled onto a struggling baby skunk while working today!
After wondering what to do, bravery kicked in which led to rescuing it and bringing it to Paws and Claws for proper care. Thankfully, the skunk is healthy and will be just fine! The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota will join Paws and Claws in continuing to provide care for the skunk.
Great work, Deputy Jacobson!
#TeamSkunk #OlmstedCounty

Thanks to the bravery of Deputy Jacobson, the adorable baby skunk is going to be ok.

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