I might be a little biased, but Minnesota has some amazing food. I feel bad for people on the coasts who have to miss out on some of our tasty cultural foods here in the North Star State. I'm excited to eat an embarrassing amount of lefse over the holidays. Lutefisk, not so much.

But according to Thrillist, there's a certain type of food that Minnesota should be very proud of. They recently put together a list of the Most Important Food Innovations in Each State. Can you guess Minnesota's claim to fame?

I'll give you a hint:

1. It's delicious
2. It's cheesy
3. I would 100% eat one right now and it's 8:57 in the morning

That's right...

Credit: Newts via Facebook
Credit: Newts via Facebook

The Juicy Lucy*. So good. If you're not aware, a Juicy Lucy is a burger patty stuffed with melted cheese. They're amazing. And you can find them in Rochester.

Who else suddenly feels like having a Juicy Lucy today?

*or "Jucy Lucy" if you prefer

Source: Thrillist

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