Some of you reading this are saying, "of course it can!" - others, not so much.

We all know that it gets very cold during the winter in Rochester. We're used to it. You bundle up, layer up, and suck it up - but sometimes we're still bummed that winter is happening.

I, however, set out on a mission to prove the notion that Rochester "can't be pretty" during the winter wrong.

Okay, I personally haven't heard anyone actually say that we're not "pretty" during the winter - but I won't lie and say looking at yucky crusty, brown snow doesn't get old. I get tired of watching out on ice too! On this particular December morning, something just hit me - the sun REALLY lights this city up during the winter.

Here is photographic evidence.

I know, I know - let's address the elephant in the room. I can hear you already!

...We've got to talk about that new sculpture. Firstly, I want to give a shout out to the construction workers that were still working on it who stepped aside to let me take a photo near it! Thanks, guys!!  Secondly, let's set aside the debate as to whether or not it's a "waste of money" and just appreciate that it is here.

I'm happy to live in a city that continues to embrace art - and its interaction with nature. Oh, and it still looks pretty with ice and snow on it too.

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