If the only way you're able to overcome that crippling fear of flying is by ordering an in-flight beer or vodka tonic, I have some bad news for you. Because according to Thrillist, it looks like a major Minnesota airline has just made intercontinental boozing slightly more expensive.

Starting December 1st, Delta Airlines has quietly bumped up the price of its alcoholic beverages by $1 or more. That means cocktails, wine, imported beer, or liquor will cost a whopping $9 per drink. Domestic beer, however, is a steal of a deal at $8. I kid. I'd feel ripped off paying those prices at some random Fancy Bar, let alone on an airplane. But...if I must. 

Keep in mind, no one can stop you from pre-gaming before your airport shuttle arrives! Please drink responsibly.

Source: Thrillist

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