Taco's from a burger place? Yes, and apparently they were amazing enough that a Facebook page was created in an effort to get them back on the BK menu. Not sure if the 600+ likes to the group had any sway, but it appears that the tacos are back at participating locations. It's early, but I plan on swinging by a BK or two today and see if they have landed in SE Minnesota. 

The tacos last appeared on the menus of Burger Kings in 2010 and since then the world has been devoid of a deep fried crispy taco. The new tacos are selling for a buck at the select restaurant locations, and it's already picked up some steam that the tacos are back judging by YouTube and Twitter. 

Image Credit: Twitter @GuardianDown
Image Credit: Twitter @iamcgeed

It's unclear to me, as BK hasn't officially put anything out regarding the tacos, but in June a tweet that featured Spanish may have been a clue that these were coming. 

Is it a move against Taco Bell for selling fries? It's a mad world we live in. Pretty soon cats and dogs will be living together in harmony. Bar close just got a little more interesting for some people.

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