Took a trip to Wisconsin last week and saw this little number when I stopped for lunch. I was in Durand, WI. last week and thought I'd stop to get a quick bite to eat on my drive.

As I pulled up to the drive through, I noticed something odd. Brats? At McDonald's? I had to do a double take then I realized, well, it is Wisconsin.

They're not just ordinary brats. These are Johnsonville brats. If you're gonna brat in Wisconsin, that's the only way to go. Although, I don't think they'd be as tasty unless they're grilled. I don't know how McDonald's would grill a brat but unless it's charcoal, it probably doesn't taste the same.

I don't think it will be long before McDonald's is selling cheese curds.

Have you ever seen something at a drive-thru that caught you by surprise?


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