Tool are known for relentlessly combing over every nuance of their music before it's been released, but you have to wonder if the guys ever considered a full-fledged horn section for their 2006 single "The Pot." If you're curious what that might sound like, Brass Against have put their stamp on the Tool favorite as seen in the video above.

The group features baritone sax player Andrew Gutauskas, trombonists Darius Christian and Mariel Bildsten, trumpet players Wayne Tucker and Oskar Stenmark and sousaphone player Kenneth Bentley giving a distinctive brass feel to a number of rock favorites, including a number of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave favorites over the years. Rounding out the musical melange are drummer Nathan Bell and guitarist/band leader Brad Hammonds, while former The Voice contestant Sophia Urista sings on this particular Tool cover.

As can be seen, Urista does a stellar job of capturing the initial attitude and swagger of Maynard James Keenan's vocal, while the horn section help to replicate the nimble guitar work and unique rhythmic patter of the song. Gutauskas and Hammonds worked together on the arrangement.

If you like what you hear, Brass Against have covered a number of well known rock songs with attitude over the years and you can sample some of their works at their website. The band also has a July 26 show at New York's Cutting Room on the horizon as well. Stay up to date on their touring here.

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