Just my opinion here, but damn was I happy to hear a lot of Brann Dailor on Emperor Of Sand!

Mastodon has always been a band that was about "sharing" vocal duties, and letting the music decide who "takes the lead" in that department. We hear Troy, Brent and Brann at the appropriate moments.

Photo By: Jimmy Hubbard

It's not that I've had complaints about the vocals (far from it!), I just had a major realization occur to me when I listened to their new album Emperor Of Sand over the past week....Brann Dailor is a phenomenal singer, and I wish we knew this sooner!


TSM Rochester

Sure, we known this on some level since Blood Mountain, but his vocals really stand out on this newest album.

That's probably because he does, in fact, have the bulk of the vocal duties on Emperor Of Sand, to my ears anyway...

Does anyone else feel like this is Brann's finest Mastodon moment? (A mean, it's no "Linoleum Knife" but still...) Am I alone here?

In other news, in case you've been debating on whether or not to buy Emperor Of Sand (an excellent piece of work which details the trials and tribulations that come with a cancer diagnosis), I can tell you with a completely biased opinion that this is a must buy! Some of my favorite tracks are "Show Yourself",  "Sultan's Curse", "Andromeda" and " Scorpion Breath" - check them out!

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