Project My Neighborhood is having a Blaster Battle Event at the Rochester Regional Stadium (RCTC bubble) this Sunday from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The event is designed for participants of all ages and sounds like a great time. Teams will compete in various games on a field of inflatable bunkers. Loaner "blasters" and eye protection will be available but kids are encouraged to bring their own. Organizers will provide the darts and ammo.

Organizers say there's an important message after every battle mission."In between the games we talk about (5) Topics of bullying what they are and how those topics also relate to the games we are playing. Those topics include: Protect Yourself, You Are Not Alone, Making Choices, Overcoming Adversity, and Slippery Slope Teasing vs. Bullying. We take these games that everyone can plan and put them on a stage that is bigger than the backyard or a house battle and by doing this we can instantly become role models. For a brief moment, we have their attention. We are able to reaffirm or re-introduce addressing bullying while having fun. Our goal is everyone has fun and we are able to empower the bystander, motivate the person being harmed, and educate the person doing the harming earlier on."

Admission is $10 and that money goes to cover the cost of renting the facility.

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