We know Billy Corgan's been working on new music and we know Smashing Pumpkins have a tour on the books for this summer, but do those things tie together? In a new social media post from Corgan, the singer reveals that he's been working on a mix of Smashing Pumpkins and solo songs.

Corgan states that his solo album is "currently between 16 and 18 songs and still in need of overdubs." Meanwhile, he's been holed up in Chicago writing lyrics for eight new Smashing Pumpkins tracks. He lists them off as being: "Alienation," "Travels," "Silvery Sometimes," "Solara," "With Sympathy," "Marchin' On," "Knights of Malta" and "Seek and You Shall Destroy."

The vocalist reveals that he'll join James Iha and Jeff Schroeder next week in Malibu to sing the lyrics to the new tracks and also take care of guitar overdubs. So between his solo work and new Smashing Pumpkins material, Corgan has been quite busy.

Earlier this month, Corgan posted about having "26 songs in various states of completion, production, insanity." At the time, he did not indicate whether the material would be solo or Smashing Pumpkins material, but the talk of a solo album with between 16 and 18 songs would seem to indicate that it was solo material that has primarily filled his time.

However, with Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin and Schroeder recently spending time with Corgan in the studio and the singer's discussion of eight new songs with lyrics just being penned, it appears as though there will be at least a Smashing Pumpkins release coming as well. What is unknown is whether or not the material will be included in their sets this summer as it was stated that the summer run would be "celebrating songs from their first five albums." Stay tuned for more details on the Corgan-related releases as they are made available.

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