I might just start calling him "the busiest guy in rock" for the next few months, because he's going to be! In addition to releasing a new record with Green Day next month, Billie Joe Armstrong is taking on acting!

The film is called Ordinary World, and Billie plays a musician (shocker) named Perry who just isn't getting a whole lot of new gigs anymore. He's kind of hit a rough spot, and it totally over his ordinary life. His friends try to cheer him up with a party, and the rest is history!

The film is going to be released in select theaters on October 17th, and it'll be out on DVD too. The cast is pretty sweet! Selma Blair, Judy Greer, Fred Armisen, Brian Baumgardner, Chris Messina join him to round out the film.

Will you be seeing it in theaters or on DVD?

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