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Thursday night at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota, was a fundraising carnival for Rochester's Spark Children's Museum...and the evening ended with Spark's  MANY pies to the face...faces? Faces. Hers and his.

At $20 bucks a pop, it certainly was worth every dripping, sticky, slippery, breath catching moment.

Breath Catching? Yep. You ever have a pie come your way? You don't have much time and you always remember, almost too late, to close your mouth.

Was It Just A Pie To The Face Night?

Ran into Patti Price! (James Rabe)

The evening was way more than just the pie-to-the-face-fest. I played a few games, too. Special thanks to Judy for the extra special duck-selection! And to the awesome woman who ALMOST helped me win the goldfish bowl toss (its easy to see I'm not a beer-poing player).

What Is Spark?

Spark's Mission is to enrich the lives of young learners by creating shared, interactive experiences that engage people of all ages in the joy of play, the power of learning, and a sense of community.

Spark offers people of all ages the opportunity to learn about the world, each other and local environments through hands-on, inquiry-based exploration and play.

(James Rabe)

We invite visitors to interact with our exhibits, ask questions and let their imaginations run wild. The goal is to enjoy the journey of learning – to spark imagination and instill a life-long love of exploration and discovery.

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James Rabe

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