This will be serious for a lot of people: climate changes are impacting one of life's greatest gifts - beer. Not only will it affect the production of beer, but also the price.

Scientists specifically did a study on beer to drive home the fact that climate change is affecting all aspects of your life including some of life's greatest pleasures, adding "few people would complain if global warming ruined Brussels sprouts." Just for the record, I would care. I LOVE Brussel sprouts.

In a KARE 11 article it says, scientists have known barley is one of the most heat-sensitive crops globally and also the main ingredient in beer. This study connects the dots - less barley means less beer. Less beer means a higher price.

What does that mean? If emissions of heat-trapping gases from the burning of coal, oil and gas continue at the current rising pace, the likelihood of weather conditions hurting barley production will increase from about once a decade before 2050 to once every other year by the end of the century.

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