We have some pretty awesome and creative beers at the Minnesota State Fair. One of them I would argue is the most popular would be the mini donut beer. But a brewery at the Iowa State Fair got pretty creative this year too. They created a corn dog ale. How?!

So my original thought was that somehow they took a bunch of corn dogs and used those to make the beer. Nope, not quite. The Des Moines Register says that the beer is brewed by Court Avenue Brewing Company. It's a dark beer that apparently doesn't really taste a whole lot like a corn dog. Des Moines Register reporter Linh Ta tasted this new beer (and a few others) and here's what she had to say about it:

The only thing that is reminiscent of a corn dog is the smokey after taste that reminds me of a grill on a hot summer day. When the ale first hits your tongue, it has hints of a dark maple syrup. By the time you’re finishing the sip, the smokey-oak flavor busts in.

If you didn’t tell me it was a corn dog beer, I wouldn’t have thought of it. But once you know that it's inspired by the State Fair classic, you can't help but think about it while you're drinking it.

I really wish that it was an obvious corn dog taste but, ya know, this still sounds pretty tasty! Would you try it?

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