Having the name Frank has possibly never been as beneficial for me as it is right now. I mean, sure, it was the most popular name in the 90's... the 1890's. And when I call somebody and tell them that it's Frank calling them, I never have to also mention my last name like all those poor, unfortunate Jennifers, Daves and Brians so often do. But now, having the name Frank will earn me a free package of wieners. Finally, my name has purpose!


Turns out that Ball Park is giving away packages of its Angus Beef Franks to anybody named Frank or Angus, OR anybody who changes their Twitter name or handle to include the name Frank or Angus, likes Ball Park on Twitter and shares their love of Ball Park Franks on Ball Park's Twitter page using #BallParkAngusGiveaway.

It's all part of Ball Park's "100 Days of Angus" summer promotion. The giveaway started on Tuesday and, according to the contest rules, ends at noon Eastern time on Saturday, June 25, or after 10,000 coupons for packages of their wieners have been given away.

I can't wait to get my coupon. I'll definitely be sitting by the mailbox the next few days in anticipation...

Okay, so honestly, it sounds like a lot of work for a package of hot dogs that cost three dollars at Walmart!