Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A new effort to get downtown Rochester commuters to consider different and “greener ways of getting to work “ was formally launched Tuesday.

It’s called Arrive Rochester, described as a new organization focused on getting downtown commuters to consider carpooling, transit, walking and cycling.

According to city officials, Arrive Rochester will begin working directly with local employers to offer tools to help commuters plan trips, find carpool partners and earn rewards for trying different commutes. The long-term goal of Arrive Rochester is to reduce congestion in downtown Rochester.

Arrive Rochester is part of the DMC transportation plan and City of Rochester Comprehensive Plan. Both identify the need to shift downtown commute habits over time away from single occupant vehicle trips. Arrive Rochester is currently funded through the Destination Medical Center initiative.

Arrive Rochester

Employers joining Arrive Rochester will have access to a range of programs and benefits:
• Discounted transit passes for employees
• Guaranteed-ride-home program
• Online ride-matching tool for carpoolers
• Employee engagement campaigns and events
• Commuter surveys and commute target goal setting
• Commute impact reporting
• Incentives and raffles for employees choosing greener commute options
Employers will be able to join Arrive Rochester at no cost for the first year of operation and access its programs and services

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