I am thrilled to be kicking off Metal Monday on Z-ROCK! Did you guys catch our feature?

Every Monday, at 1:30pm, we're making the world go round with metal! All in just a matter of 30 seconds! Three bands to represent the country, and each one gets ten seconds of airtime. Be listening to Z-ROCK to hear it! This week, I decided to feature Norway.

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It's no secret that Norway is FULL of metal. How many of today's featured bands did you know? Here's the three you heard.

1. Burzum

Yeah, remember those church-burnings that happened in Norway in the early nineties? It's long been rumored that Varg Vikernes (the guy behind Burzum) was responsible for them. To this day, he won't admit it either way. His solo project was founded in 1991.


2. Enslaved

A metal staple from Bergen, Enslaved has been part of the metal scene since 1991. You probably know them, but if you don't, you'll instantly recognize Grutle Kjellson's growls!


3. Immortal

Another one from Bergen! Immortal has also been part of the metal scene since 1991. You heard part of their most popular tune, "All Shall Fall" today. In case you missed it, these guys are the ones responsible for all of the Abbath memes!


LOL!! Did you guys enjoy today's mashup? Which country should we feature next week? Post below and let me know!

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