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While just about all NFL teams' 2021 revenue dropped off due to the pandemic, the Minnesota Vikings' finances going forward have them in the top tier of the league.

Like all NFL teams, the Minnesota Vikings' revenue took a hit between the 2020 and 2021 seasons due to (stop me if you've heard this already...) the pandemic. In fact, a new report from the number-crunchers over at puts the amount the Vikings lost due to Covid-related reasons at a whopping 83-million dollars.

But, according to that survey, the resident NFL team here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes is set to make that money up in a big way, and within the next few years, will be one of the richest teams in the NFL.

Specifically, the Vikings are expected to earn $545 million in revenue annually by 2025, making them the 9th richest team in the league. That increase moves the Vikings up from 13th place in the survey last year.

So if the Vikings are the 9th richest team in the NFL, which teams are even richer? Well, the Dallas Cowboys can claim the title of the Richest Team in the NFL, and are ready to break through the billion-dollar revenue barrier by 2025, the survey said.

Over in Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers ranked slightly ahead of the Vikings, the survey noted. The Green and Gold were ranked as the 8th Richest Team in the NFL with a projected revenue of $549 million by 2025. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams are the Poorest Team in the NFL, with a projected revenue of 'only' 459 million within the next four years.

The Patriots, 49ers, Texans, Giants, Eagles and Falcons round out the #2 through #7 positions on the survey of the NFL's Top 10 Richest Teams. And speaking of the Vikings, have you seen what former General Manager Rick Spielman's house looks like? He listed it for sale earlier this year in Eden Prairie; keep scrolling to check out the pictures!

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