After the horrific school shooting in Parkland last week, there’s currently a raging (and I do mean raging) gun debate going on in this country. The debate has even come to Rochester this week, after students at Mayo High School walked out in solidarity for the victims at Stoneman Douglas.

But a new nationwide survey shows that there’s another problem that’s worth discussing: the fact that over half of gun owners in the United States apparently aren’t storing their guns safely.

The survey found that 54% of gun owners reported not storing all of their guns safely; in this case, “safely” is defined as storing guns in a locked safe, cabinet, case, or rack. Safe storage can help reduce the risk of unauthorized access, which can lead to accidental household shootings or even cases of suicide.

55% of gun owners with children under the age of 18 reported keeping their guns stored safely, although that’s still a pretty low number in my opinion.

Whether you’re for or against gun reform, I think one thing most of us can agree with is that guns should be stored safely – especially if you have children in the home. For information on guidelines for safe storage for firearms, check out Project ChildSafe.

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