I remember when smoking was first banned in Minnesota restaurants and bars. Gone were the days when I'd get home from a night out and immediately feel the need to shower so I wouldn't wake up still smelling like the Marlboro Man. I'm not a smoker, but it was nearly impossible to hang out in a bar and not have your clothes reeking like cigarettes by the time you got home. That odor would stick to my jeans for days.

Many smokers, I'm sure, were not fans of the smoking ban. But that maybe stopped being such a big deal as e-cigs started getting more popular, which allowed people to continue smoking in public.

Unfortunately for those smokers, that could soon be coming to an end. A new bill is being proposed by the state legislature that would add e-cigs to the ban on smoking "in public places, places of employment, public transportation, and at public meetings." This is in part due to vaping becoming more popular among teens, which the FDA has referred to as an 'epidemic.'

Personally, I'm not as annoyed with people who use e-cigs (provided they aren't blowing smoke directly in my face), but what do you think?

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