It's bad enough when 'that' person doesn't wash their hands after using the bathroom, but in a recent study that was conducted they might be better off. In a recently published study by the University of Connecticut they found that bathroom hand dryers are blowing bacteria including fecal matter all over people's hands and throughout the building.

The results from the study were recently published in a scientific journal. Researchers used 36 bathrooms on the campus of the University of Connecticut, and placed data-gathering plates beneath each hand dryer for 30 seconds. After only 30 seconds of drying, researchers wrote that they found between 18 and 60 different colonies of bacteria on each plate. Gross.

The study did not indicate what type of hand dryer was used for this study, but I always thought the hot blowing air would have killed any bacteria left. So the next time you are washing your hands in a public place, remember to look for the paper towels rather than that hand dryer.

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