It took me over a half hour to get home yesterday. CRIPES!

Usually, my commute takes about 10 minutes. Yesterday, I was forced to take the "back" way to my house down on to 22. Once I got there though, my turn was packed with cars at least 3-4 blocks long. So, I decided the best way to go would be to get back on 16th by the mall and Verizon only to find out that was still down to one lane with no entry from the west side. So, I go back around the mall by McDonald's and sure enough, that was about 20 cars deep. All taking their time. So I pull into the mall parking lot by JC Penney and go to the stoplight on 14 to take a right. It was actually less of a wait than had I stayed put because I was still seeing cars that were in front of me, trying to get out. Anyway, I got back to Broadway and traffic was backed because they were painting the lines on Broadway. UGH!

With Broadway finally done a few days ago, now it looks like 16th street is finally done too. I can't be 100% sure because I did not drive all the way down there but plan to tonight, to check it out.

I think they started on 16th back in April. I remember thinking, "Damn! I can't wait till October."  I did snap this picture.

Taken with my sweet LGv20
Taken with my sweet LGv20

It looks like all the construction signs have been taken down. I know there's still a lot of construction around and I pity those that still have to drive through it.

Nothing like taking a half hour to drive 3-4 miles. But hang in there. It's almost over. Right?


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