I love hearing stories about random acts of kindness especially ones that happen here in Rochester. We like reporting these stories too so don't hesitate to reach out and let us know when you see or hear of someone doing something special in our community.

You've probably heard of people buying a meal or a coffee for the person behind them in the drive-thru, but have you ever heard of someone picking up the tab for everyone inside a restaurant? You can read what happened at the Denny's in Rochester yesterday below.

A really incredible act of generosity happened yesterday at Denny’s restaurant in Rochester.

An anonymous diner decided to treat everyone to lunch. He paid for everyone’s food that was inside the Rochester Denny’s at the time he visited.

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Jessica Dumais is a server at the Rochester restaurant.  She shared the news on Facebook, “Yesterday afternoon a nice guy came in and paid for everyone’s meal at Denny’s.”

Jessica Dumais

Jessica told me the act of kindness happened around noon yesterday and that all of the customers were "super happy."

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Dumais said the generous man also took care of the staff, “Tipped all of us servers good too!” Jessica said the man wanted to remain anonymous but that she wanted to thank him from her and everyone else at the restaurant.

FYI, Denny's is now hiring for a variety of positions at both locations in Rochester. Jessica said anyone that is interested in a position should stop by the restaurant to fill out an application.

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