You're not the only one feeling like (weatherwise) this summer just won't end.

I'm SO READY for fall, leaves, and sweaters. We're still seeing temperatures (and humidity) in the 70's and 80's, so to me, it still feels like summer.

To air my grievance, I decided to write this little note to Minnesota's weather. You know, since we're already warmer than what the Farmer's Almanac suggested.

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Dear Minnesota,

I love many things about you. I like your juicy lucys, your beer, your beautiful North Shore, and all of the fun that Duluth, the Cities, and Rochester have to offer. However, your weather is confusing. 

It is September. Traditionally, weatherwise, September is kind of a boring month. Sure, it's sunny, but my experience has also taught me that right at around mid-September we'd be seeing temperatures in the mid to low 70's or upper 60's somewhat consistently as we transition into fall.

That's not happening now. Why? I mean, I'm fine with staying in the 80's for a little bit, but sometimes you're bringing the humidity with you - nobody likes that guy, humidity.

Why don't we agree to disagree here? Let's call an end to summer so we can all be happy and start wearing our comfy hoodies and sweaters? Don't bring the snow with you either. Try to hold off on that until November.

Thanks, Val

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