Good news, Z-Rockers! Rochester is about to get LOUD and HEAVY, and I'm not talking about all the rain we've been getting. Tomorrow night, "Too Heavy For Riverside" is set to rock out the Graham Arena from 5:30PM to midnight. It's an all-ages event focused on supporting Southeast Minnesota's booming music scene, with its name poking fun at both Metallica's "Too Heavy For Halftime" show and the fact that we don't usually hear heavy metal at that other local concert series. *cough*

Check out the full "Too Heavy For Riverside" lineup:

5:30PM - Pure Rock Studios of Rochester, Hard Rock Class

6:30PM - Embrace The Ending

7:15PM - Silent Redemption

8PM - AfterTime

8:45PM - Sleep Signals

9:45PM - The 9th Planet Out (full show production - fire and all!)

Tickets are $15. Advance tickets available at and at Pure Rock Studios.

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