In preparation for a future project along Arlington Ave. in Duluth, WCCO says that crews were doing an exploratory dig to check for human remains since there used to be graves around that area.

While digging, crews found some wood coffins and one human bone outside of the coffins. There were no bones found in any of the coffins. Ok, that's just a little eerie!

Apparently, this area they were digging was close to the Greenwood Cemetary which "is the burial site for about 5,000 people who died at St. Louis County’s Poor Farm between 1891 and 1947." 

The city has been digging around that area for about a year now on the hunt for graves but this is the first time anything has actually come up.

Officials are pretty certain that what they found is "remnants of a grave relocation executed in the 1960s." Right now the area is fenced off and they are doing extra checks to be sure they find any other remains before construction gets underway.


Source: WCCO


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