Rockstars + booze = party, usually, right? In true awesome fashion, Amy Lee of Evanescence likes to celebrate with something a little more... relaxed? when the band does well. At least, that's what she told Arthur Kade according to Blabbermouth.

Yep! It turns out cake (and, okay, wine too - so I guess there might be some booze in there) is her celebratory vice of choice. She explains that it's more about taking a moment to really soak an awesome moment in.

She says, "I don't usually feel that, 'Oh, man, we did really well. We'd better work extra hard now.' That's baloney. If you did really well, great — go have a glass of wine and a piece of cake and enjoy your life for a minute so you have something else to write about." Good thought! That's probably why she's one of the greatest singers and writers of our generation.

What do you like to celebrate with?