You file your Federal taxes, you get a refund, or you don't, and you can't wait for Apil 15 next year to repeat the whole thing. But what about people who DON'T file their taxes. They're missing out on their share of over $1 Billion.

WCCO-TV talked to Raphael Tulino at the IRS and found out over 15,000 Minnesotans haven't filed and still have a refund sitting there (the mean refund is over $700), just waiting to come home with you.

“Generally speaking, if you don’t file a tax return and you have a refund return there is no penalty. What you are doing is letting the government hold your money for you and not give it to you." (WCCO)

So, if you didn't file in 2014, and you think you're owed a refund, file it by April 17th or it heads into the treasury (that's the deal, don't claim it for 3 years and boop). Just ask about it when you do your taxes this year. If you do it yourself, click HERE for the forms you'll need.

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