We're glad to hear that this story has a happy ending!

I'm dubbing him a metalhead because, when he was reported missing, it was noted that he was last seen in a Metallica shirt. To be specific, he's definitely a biker too.

Brian Dowdell was reported missing on July 9th, and Albert Lea police have since located him.

Thankfully, Brian is okay and unharmed.

This, unfortunately, isn't always the case with missing people. According to the NCIC, 647,435 missing person records were entered into their files last year. This is an increase from 2015. Of the nearly 650,000 reports, it turns out that about 89,000 of those cases are still open - with the missing person yet to be located.

Let's close the gap on this. If you have any information about a missing person, please contact this hotline immediately. It's international too! You can also contact your local law enforcement office.

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