Adrian Peterson is a Saint.

Well, a New Orleans Saint, that is. He's definitely not a saint saint. Because...well, you know.

The former Viking officially signed a two-year, $7 million contract with the same team he and Brett Favre sent to the Super Bowl back in 2009 (too soon?).

The 32-year-old running back has had a couple off-years plagued by injuries and a terrible offensive line, but I have to admit that it should be really interesting to see him play the tail-end of his career in the Big Easy. It's long been rumored that AP has been looking to play for a Super Bowl-contending team; while the Saints haven't made it to the playoffs in a couple years, any team quarterbacked by Drew Brees is at least in the conversation. It should be pretty interesting to watch.

This has to be a bummer for the Minnesota fans who hoped AP would retire as a Viking - especially for those still holding a grudge for that aforementioned NFC Championship game (I still get upset about it). A few of the buddies I've texted are OK with seeing him go in favor of Latavius Murray. They're just tired of all the baggage and drama. One of them will still draft AP way too high in our fantasy league.

All eyes are now on Monday, September 11, when the Vikings host the Saints at US Bank Stadium. I'm sure that won't be considered a big game or anything.

Is football back yet? How about now?

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