After 7 years on the air, local news anchor James Wilcox said his final farewell to ABC 6 News, and the Rochester market on last nights telecast.

He'll be anchoring and reporting at KETV, the ABC station in Omaha, Nebraska.

Here he is saying his tearful goodbye:

For anybody who had the pleasure of watching James on a nightly basis, then you knew how much he cared about delivering the news to his viewers.

He would consistently tell the story in just the right context, no matter what the content what about, but then he'd always make sure to let us know how much fun he was having by flashing that smile of his at some point during the broadcast.

I had the pleasure of meeting James shortly after he broke onto the scene back in 2011 when both he and I were invited onto Samm Adams' 23rd birthday party bus! (See below)

If I recall correctly, he even recognized me before I could recognize him... which is odd considering I'm only heard in this market, not seen like he is!  But none-the-less, James was more than complimentary of my on-air skills and we quickly formed a professional friendship that night.  And to this day, I still enjoyed tuning in and watching both he and his "work wife" Laura Lee do their thing at the news desk.

Having left this market myself once, I can totally relate as to how hard it is to say goodbye.  The cool part is knowing that all the friends and faces you've met along the way are all cheering you on to succeed in your new endeavor.

That includes me, my friend. Good luck, and don't be a stranger!


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