Wisconsin is called America's Dairyland, and when it comes to their cheese curds, they're pretty serious-- even paying a thousand dollars to find the perfect curd!

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and lived there until I moved here to Rochester nearly 8 years ago, so I can testify firsthand on how cheese is serious business there. Sure, we have dairy farms and cheese curds here in Minnesota too, but in Wisconsin, it's almost a religion. (Which is why I learned at an early age the only way to tell if your cheese curds are fresh-- they squeak when you eat them!)

And it's also why EatStreet is shelling out $1,000 to someone to search Wisconsin for the perfect serving of cheese curds. It's all leading up to one of the most important days in America's Dairyland: National Cheese Curd Day, which is coming up on October 15th this year.

According to this CBS-58 story from Milwaukee, EatStreet is a food delivery service that was founded in Wisconsin. (They deliver takeout food to your house and operate in over 40 states, including here in Minnesota-- but only in the Twin Cities, Duluth, Alexandria and St. Cloud.) They're looking for someone to head across Wisconsin to find the perfect cheese curd-- and they're paying them $1,000 to do it, too.

"This arguably is the most important position we’ve hired for. As our curd consultant you have to be on your game. You mean something to the people, to the state," EatStreet CEO and co-founder, Matt Howard, said in the story. "This is your time to shine – perhaps from curd grease – but that’s OK."

The company is planning on introducing their new 'curd nerd' during its National Cheese Curd Day festivities, October 15th at the Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company in downtown Madison.

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