We’re just days away from Thanksgiving, many of us are prepping for a big day of food, football, family, and hopefully a little gratitude here and there. I’ll be kicking it here in Rochester, but I do have family driving down to visit me. As it turns out, my family is among countless other Americans who are expected to travel 50+ miles between Wednesday through Sunday.

According to AAA, nearly 51 million Americans are expected to be traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, which is the highest number in 12 years. So what gives? AAA reasons that a strong economy and labor market, along with low holiday airfares have more people hitting the road (or skies) this year.

Even Amtrak is offering revamped trains to make traveling on the tracks more comfortable (as someone who has taken a cross country train ride, it’s about time).

The only downside is that for drivers, gasoline prices are at their highest since 2014. That still isn’t likely to make the roads any less crowded, so you probably want to leave before 3PM Wednesday if you have to drive through the cities. Good luck!

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