This is pretty cool. After a 7-year absence, Gluek Beer is returning to the shelves this week to celebrate its 160th anniversary. That's crazy! Apparently the brand has undergone ownership changes and struggling sales over the years, but its current owner, the granddaughter of the original owner of Gluek's Bar in downtown Minneapolis, has been working to take the beer out of retirement.

I've been to Gluek's Bar once (worth checking out before going to a Twins game), but I have yet to try the legendary beer. From talking to a few of my friends, reviews on the actual beer is a little mixed - "skunky" is a common description - but I'm still totally down to give it the ol' college try. It's a part of Minnesota history, after all. I have to drink it. For the history! As of Friday, May 26th, it'll start appearing on shelves, bars, and restaurants throughout the North Star State.

Credit: Gluek Beer via Facebook
Source: Star Tribune

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