Admit it. We've all thought about doing this if we had the chance.

There are some celebrities who just really get under our skin. We can't stand! Of course, we have our own reasons for this - but, I think you'll find that you agree with most of the people on this list. I took a poll.

Here were your results.

  • 1

    Kanye West

    Yep. There are a lot of reasons why people just don't like Kanye West.

    Remember the "Taylor incident" ... or how about his critique of how a former President handled Hurricane Katrina.

    Some folks just aren't about his outspoken nature.

    Recording artists Kanye West and Taylor Swift talk at the 57th annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday. (Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
  • 2

    Kim Kardashian

    Is she gorgeous? Ofcourse! Is she funny? Yes!

    Does that excuse her from some odd behavior and marking up prices on a makeup line supposedly available for "everybody"? Nope.

    Oh, and we've seen her on Keeping Up With The Kardashians for over ten years now. All of her. It seems like she got famous for no reason, and I think that's why people aren't into her sometimes.

    Getty Images
  • 3

    Justin Bieber

    We thought he was a potential role model. Nope.

    Sure, he's got hits - but is that enough to make us forget about his behavior?

  • 4

    President Trump

    Without getting into the politcal side of things, let's just say I'm sure all of you had your own reasons for putting this guy on the list.

    Bad Lip Reading
  • 5

    Samantha Bee

  • 6

    Chad Kroeger

    *cues Nickelback jokes*

    Let's face it - some people gave up on Nickelback because they seem them as fake.

  • 7

    Chris Brown

    You can't hit a woman and expect us to be okay with it. EVER.

    Frederick M. Brown