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Looking at homes for sale and Airbnbs is a fun pastime of mine. If you also like to browse Airbnb, have you noticed that sometimes there are Airbnb listings that say 'Rare Find'? That's something that pops up when it's a place that's usually fully booked but happens to be available for your selected date. Score! So I looked around Airbnb and found some amazing-looking cabins around Minnesota that are considered 'Rare Finds'.

These cabins all have awesome views, the beautiful cabin-style on the inside, huge windows. No wonder they're usually booked all the time! If we're playing favorites here I think I have to pick the Lakefront A-Frame as my favorite cabin on this list. Check out all 6 'Rare Find' Minnesota cabins and see if you agree.

6 Amazing Minnesota Cabins that are 'Rare Finds' on Airbnb

When you're searching on Airbnb every once in a while you'll find a place that's considered a 'Rare Find'. In other words, it's usually fully booked! Here are 6 amazing cabins around Minnesota that are 'rare finds' and perfect for your next trip.

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