The service industry can be tough work. If you've ever had one of those jobs, you probably know what I'm talking about. Because sometimes, you'll encounter That Customer. You know the one. But for the rest of us who want to have a good time out and NOT be That Customer? Don't do these things:

Always Ask 'Is There ANY Booze In My Drink?!' Because They DEFINITELY Haven’t Heard That Before

If you want a strong drink, just order a strong drink. Or don’t order a sugary drink. Either way, it’s annoying to the bartender who has no incentive to pull a fast one on you.

Treat The Bar Like It's Your Personal Phone-Charging Station

If you’re running low on juice, sometimes a bartender will be cool and let you charge your phone behind the counter. But don’t forget that there are limits to this act of kindness! Don’t keep asking the bartender to check your phone for messages, and DEFINITELY don’t reach behind the counter to check it yourself – because it might actually be illegal to do that at a bar. Seriously.

When The Bar Is Busy, It's For Sure The Right Time To Make It All About You

It can get frantic inside a packed bar, as a bartender will constantly be taking a lot of orders. So probably don’t try to strike up a long conversation or be a high-maintenance pain when you can literally see the beads of sweat on your bartender’s forehead as he makes his 14th drink in 5 minutes.

Never Have Your Payment Ready

When ordering a drink at a busy bar, it's generally a good rule to have your wallet out from the onset. It’s torture when a bartender has to wait for you to find your payment; especially because you should have been expecting to pay for your order all along. Drinks ain’t free, man!

A Bartender Is Absolutely Your Robot Butler

This might shock some people, but did you know that bartenders are also people, too?! So yeah, be friendly and don’t just treat them like they exist only to serve you. Because anyone who brings you a beer is a saint, is all I’m sayin’. "GIVE ME A BEER." Don't be That Guy.

Source: Thrillist

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