A freeze warning is here for Minnesota which officially means in my world that summer is over.  (I am silently crying inside because I had to put on real shoes today because my toes were cold)  Since we are seeing the 30's and the word "frost" in the forecast, we know that other things that start with the letter "s" are coming and it is time for all of us to get ready for the white stuff.

Besides covering all of our plants tonight, there are a few things that we need to do as Minnesotans to help us get ready for all of the winter things that are headed our way.  Here is my fun list:

  • Buy a flannel shirt!  If you don't already have 5, Paul Bunyan would be sad and unfriend you.
  • Stock up on chili supplies.  Nothing greater than a big bowl of chili on a -20 degree night...after you shoveled 20 inches of snow off your driveway.
  • Go on the hunt for the winter boots!  You put these in storage but now...they are in the mass abyss with the boat, camping gear, and the Christmas totes.
  • Buy a new board game and save it for that Snow Day!  We never know when this will actually happen, but it has been in May before!
  • Flannel x2!  This time, that flannel is for your sheets.  Change out the cotton for the heavier and warmer threads...and your winter nights will be a lot cozier.

What other tips do you have?  I’d love to hear them. Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.

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