If you like drinking beer, you've probably had some assumptions about the rules of drinking. But thanks to a new article from Thrillist, it turns out that what you think you know about your favorite beverage might not actually be true! Let's go ahead and debunk some of the most common beer myths.

  1. Bottled Beer > Canned Beer

Many people think that bottled beer is better than canned beer. Sure, drinking from a glass bottle feels fancier than drinking from a can, but studies have shown that canned beer actually holds a beer’s taste much better. That’s because it blocks out the sunlight. Because of its exposure to sunlight, bottled beer has higher odds of turning into skunk beer.

  1. “I Can’t Stand The Taste Of Beer.”

You’ve probably heard this from someone you know. My mom hates the taste of beer – until she discovered ciders. Sometimes you just need to find the right type. Don't give up hope, non-beer drinkers!

  1. Beer Must Always Be Served Ice-Cold

Don’t get me wrong, an ice-cold beer is very much enjoyable. But the ideal beer is around 40-55 degrees, which is when your brew will have maximum flavor. The colder the beer, the less you’ll be able to taste it, which makes you drink more beer. So…I’ll let you decide which is the better outcome.

  1. The Beer Belly

Researchers in the Czech Republic just came out with a study that drinking beer doesn’t necessarily correlate to weight gain. It might, but so does any beverage with more than zero calories. So good news! You don’t have a Beer Belly. You probably just have a Burger Belly. High five.

  1. “Beer Before Liquor Makes You Sicker”

You’ve heard that phrase, right? It’s the idea that drinking beer before switching to hard alcohol will always give you a terrible hangover the next day. But “liquor before beer, you’re in the clear” means the opposite. But it turns out that the order of drinks you have might not matter over the quantity of drinks you have. Yeah, that’ll do it.

You can check out the full article here. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Source: Thrillist

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