Minnesotans are full of stories about camping, catching huge fish, and music festivals galore, but these stories are owned by people in Rochester.

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    The Weather

    Here's one of mine: That time we got 16 inches of snow in May. I'm still mad about it. It destroyed the ONLY outdoor batting cages in Rochester which is now Bowlocity. Excuse me while I go grab a tissue...

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    Whether it's feeding the geese at Silver Lake or getting caught up in a traffic jam at a "goose crossing," we all talk about geese - the city bird.

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    Oh wait, maybe the crow is the city bird? If you work downtown, several months out of the year you feel like you're living in a horror film - The Birds. Or if you're like one of our "lucky" co-workers, you get pooped on.

  • Andrei Krauchuk - Think Stock
    Andrei Krauchuk - Think Stock


    You guys, we have 3 city birds!

    When I was little, I got bit by a mosquito right in the middle of my forehead, and my eyes swelled shut.

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    It's our claim to fame. We are the Med City. Either you love it or you hate it, but we ALL talk about it!

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